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Re: iheartibuki's Renders

Postby Cole360 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:26 am

great rendering Work here
Bro !
Well its a shame that you Have Buy "Keyshot "! wel i was going to Get "Blender "! ? But i head its Very hard to Get Use to ? so ill leave it for Now Haaaa (Untill i get more use to Modeling/Rendering an How to Do Export/Mod propley and how to Add "Texters and Stuff in (Xps ? )

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Re: iheartibuki's Renders

Postby iheartibuki » Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:57 pm

Dustin' off my art thread. No XPS/XNALara but oh well! More like Butt Studio. :LOL:

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