Black Ops 3 heads...

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Black Ops 3 heads...

Postby trexjones » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:59 am

Would someone be able to convert any/some/all of these BLOPS heads for me? The rigging all appears to be fine, but the jaw needs reparenting -- something I'm completely rubbish at. Really appreciate any help!

Katee Sackhoff:!WU5hwL6T!EiskIRq8U9Is ... W3F1TemCQQ
Neal MacDonough:!LQJVDTwS!oCRoWRDSQaz2 ... 7kGnmGwcLk
Beardy Multiplayer guy:!jQ4SDAaA!TguoZ1aQry0Q ... Dyr1zfjP_c
Heather Graham:!ycpGmTQb!5cAkrks1xxHU ... X4Ft3n_-_k

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