Starting out. Very confused modeler needing help!

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Starting out. Very confused modeler needing help!

Postby cobaltbluebengal » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:33 am

I've been in the audience for ages (bout a year) and been dazzled with ports from Batman Arkham, Dead or Alive and others. I'm fluent in the use of 3DS Max in terms of building models and using Biped builds (not really any with bones admitedly aside from very basic tutorials)

I want to start learning how to import, port and release models like all you awesome people. Strictly 'ripping' from the game as I don't want to start confusing myself with mesh mods and head swaps and stuff.

I have looked online for working tutorials on how to XNALara convert models from an Xbox 360 title (I have loads (Don't want to sound rude there, lol. I kinda horde them I guess, resale value these days is pretty pants) plus my PC's graphics card probably couldn't run the sorts of games I love (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Devil May Cry, Batman Arkham........) but it does run a copy of 3DS Max 2015 happily so will use that if needed (Tried blender but didn't like the UI) and the released XNALara program.

I've downloaded noesisv4177 as that seems to be the widely refered too program.

I've also tried asking for help from model porters on DeviantArt but was either rudely shot down, or some of the more humbled are stuck for time. Was hoping a larger community would be able to better educate :)

Games that I own that I know already haven't been done by others (don't want to step on toes), are:

Alan Wake
Dead to Rights
DmC Devil May Cry (Think this has all been done now)
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Dead or Alive (Was thinking of male characters as females I think are all done?)
Gears of War 1-3/Judgement
Remember Me
Resident Evil 4/5/Revelations I (Think most have been done)
Soul Calibur V (Few characters left, but character builder maybe interesting)
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Virtua Fighter 5
Also have all the Lego Games as guilty pleasures :P

I still have a large library of PS2 Games too, as I'd love to export a rigged Ratchet and Clank!

I'm very humbled and would love to do what a lot of you guys do :D

Many thanks!

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Re: Starting out. Very confused modeler needing help!

Postby riccochet » Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:29 pm

Hi, always great to find a somebody new willing to learn.

There are a few tutorials on deviantart, I myself am busy making up a sorta default how to tutorial.

DMC has kinda been completely done.
The HD Collection, only Vergil has been done, I think it was a bit problematic getting models? You should ask Roxas as he ported Vergil.
I think most of the gears have been done, since it runs on unreal engine which is quite easy to port from.
Most of Remember Me's main characters have also been done, you could probably try some other npcs or enemies. This also runs on unreal engine.

The Res Evil games have basically been covered as well.
I cant really speak for Sonic since Im not into that.

Now what you should remember is, while the models may already be ported, it by no means, mean you cant do it as well. Consider it learning.

Most ps2 games are notoriously hard to port. So I wouldnt advise that route just yet.

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Re: Starting out. Very confused modeler needing help!

Postby RoxasKennedy » Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:53 am

riccochet wrote:The HD Collection, only Vergil has been done, I think it was a bit problematic getting models? You should ask Roxas as he ported Vergil.

OP was referring to the HD collection for PS3-X360 which was 1-3, and those haven't been cracked open as far as I know

Vergil I ported was from DMC4SE, I ported him because deronar got me his files. I think there are some issues with DMC4SE and Resi Mod tools (mainly regarding bones and UVs) so if u wanna port something from DMC4SE I would suggest waiting till someone fixes the compatibility.

About Sonic, 06 and Unleashed are portable. In fact, I think 06 got full bone support this year or previous year.
I think Generations tools will work on Unleashed because it's the same format (altho I wouldn't know what is there to port in Unleashed :LOL:)

And yeah, it's okay if u want to port something someone else has already ported; this is a free fucking world lol
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Re: Starting out. Very confused modeler needing help!

Postby thePWA » Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:43 pm

From what I understand op wants to learn how to release XPS models from xbawx games with original game rigging. First thing you gotta do is google for modding tools for specific games. Once you get the right modding tool that grabs intact models with rigging from that game, export it to a format that is supported by max (probably fbx or psk). From max export it as .mesh.ascii with mariokartn64's xnalara exporter maxscript. Finally import that .mesh.ascii file using the very latest XPS version as it has a ton of features to edit the model for full XPS compatibility and export it as .mesh.
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