Where to ask for model/object creation?

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Where to ask for model/object creation?

Postby The_Chronicle_GER » Sat May 23, 2020 4:32 am

There are things for XNALara, that are taken from games. Other things have taken their inspiration from the real world and get created from scratch. The latter variant is currently the biggest problem I have when it comes down to completing my model collection to tell some stories... Which brings me to this question:

Where/whom can I ask for creating models where the sources are hard to reach? The range of models I need is quite large - from characters of rarely seen games to complete sceneries based on ideas I have almost everything is in the book here. A full rig is only needed for characters, in case you're wondering about the size of the creation projects ;) If objects/scneries need a rig, I'll give specific orders. Should the case occur and this kind of "work" is only paid, don't worry: I'm in a full-time job (working in changing shifts) and thus can afford that!

While I'm waiting for any answers, I'll be compiling a list with ALL the stuff the model sources (mainly DA) cease to have.

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