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Re: Arno Dorian

Postby Artorikus » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:22 pm

Runa wrote:

Arno Victor Dorian from AC Unity

Fully owned by Ubisoft

Download ... file%2crar
Mirror 1 ... a+Runa.rar
Mirror 2

The sword is taken from here ... -414382657. The ACU files as they appear now in the tool are a complete mess and weapons/textures cannot be found easily. I really wanted to give him a good cutlass and since I didn't have AC4 files anymore I could only look for something similar around here. I take no credits for that.

Original normal maps ripped by Crofty.

The hair was generated in blender because the meshes are not extractable with the tool, only outlines are available. I extruded those countless times, then duplicated them to get a decent mass of hair. That sadly has a few downsides:

• The hair is a bit thick and not 100% realistic. It also looks a bit "empty" from certain angles.
• The vertices are so many that XPS couldn't load the model with the hair mesh as a whole piece. I had to separate by all loose parts and this created like 1000 parts.
• If you do not have a powerful computer, your XPS might lag and slow down quite a lot with this model loaded. The hair is extremely heavy and there's nothing I can do to fix the issue, I'm deeply sorry. The same thing will happen with the other models without hood and Elise.

The model has optional items:

bladeBIN -> hides and unhides the hidden blade in the left wrist
bladeROUT -> displays and hides the hidden blade in action in the right wrist
hbladeBOUT -> displays and hides the hidden blade in action in the left wrist
swordAh -> displays and hides the sword hilt in the right hand
swordBh -> displays and hides the sword blade in the right hand
swordAhip -> displays and hides the sword hilt on the hip
swordBhip -> displays and hides the sword blade on the hip

Again he was fully rigged by me. Basic rig created with Mixamo and fixed afterwards in blender, facial rig made from scratch. I tested the model quite a lot and removed all the bugs I found, but in case you spot something awfully weird please let me know (gently), I'll see what I can do.

I used parts from Edward and Connor for the mouth. I couldn't find a working texture for the teeth, which had weird UVs and looked terrible.

The links are brokens :(

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Re: Assassin's Creed Series elise party dress help

Postby nate32839 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:12 pm

i hi guys i love the models that are here they look amazing i was wondering if anyone can help me cause im trying to find assassin creed unity elise party gown and i been trying to search for it and i really want her for xnalara <3


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