XNA Lara XPS bone renamer tool.

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XNA Lara XPS bone renamer tool.

Postby Hotkevior » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:11 pm

This program can rename bones in *.ascii and *.pose files.
Why do you sometimes have to rename the bones? Let's say you made for your favorite model a posh pose or a beautyfull animation. And the animation in "XNALara XPS" is a sequence of poses (frames). And then you downloaded from the network another good model and wanted to try on a pose from your favorite model on this new one. Bam! And the names of the bones do not match. And pose of new model going to ruin. It's bad pose. Although the creators of models and try to adhere to the general rules for naming the bones, but not always. In addition, even the number of bones in all models is different.

You can download it here:

Video example here:

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