XNA Lara XPS walking cycle tool.

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XNA Lara XPS walking cycle tool.

Postby Hotkevior » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:41 pm

The program is designed to create poses with the displacement of the position of the model or object in space relative to one of the axes of the coordinate system. In total in the space "XNA Lara" 3 axes of coordinates: 2 horizontal X and Z and one vertical Y. While my program is able to work only with displacement along the axis "Z".

     Why create animation frames with an offset along the axis? Let's say you want to create an animation of how the character goes or runs. And it does not go marching in one place like here (https://youtu.be/cJ-nQ5TmaDs?t=1m4s), but goes, really moving in space. That is, it moves some distance from point A to point B. But if you create each keyframe of such a "defile" manually, it will be long, complicated and, possibly, inaccurate.
      On the contrary, with the program "XNALara_walking_cycle" it is enough to create for it at least 3 key frames - the beginning of the step (1.pose), the middle of the step (2.pose) and the end of the step (3.pose). The poses "1.pose" and "3.pose" are identical except for the displacement of the entire model along the Z axis. The identity of the start and end frames is necessary for looping the animation. Clearly the poses are visible here:

Further on the basis of these 3 keyframes, the program "XNALara_walking_cycle" will create as many other frames as you like. Approximately how here:

Download from Mediafire:

Video example:
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