MGSV porting pointers?

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MGSV porting pointers?

Postby Ems » Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:21 am

So I finally got around to look at the files since I always wanted to grab some parts from TPP. But since I'm very late to the party, what I find when googling for tools is a chaos, and expired links. There's few tools, all for something else, I have no idea where to find latest versions of either scripts or dictionaries.

What I use: Noesis+Blender. The plan was to use a combo of QAR+FPK+FoxModelStudio>.smd>Noesis, but the samples I've got so far are broken (meshes are horribly low lod, some bones like finger bones seem screwed/need reparenting). I've got game in yarr version since it's just for files (can't play it anyway, rig way too old). No batch unpacker I found on Nexus worked. I haven't looked into textures yet, I expect this to be another MGS4 clickfest (hope not).

What I'd like to do: grab suits and other DD/MGSO avatar customizations with original armatures, similarly to what thePWA shared, and I want to learn how to do this myself instead of begging around, but I need pointers since there's so many tools and I don't know what's what, what should I use, and what to ignore, and what I tried so far gave me poor results.

If you had any experience with getting stuff from this game, I'd be grateful for help.
If not, ignore this topic. I'll keep trying in the meantime.

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