Converting animations into XPS?

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Converting animations into XPS?

Postby ellegirl01 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:59 am

Okay, bear with me, folks, because I'm not even sure what I'm asking:

I downloaded the Dragon Age Mother for XPS ( ... -326942972 ), but it doesn't come with any pose files.
So I figured I'd just use the poses from Dragon Age for the Broodmother, since they have a more or less similar shape.

But I have no idea HOW to do this. As in: turning animations from other games into poses for XnaLara/XPS. :-|

I usually use 3DS Max to tinker with game file animations. I have zero idea how to use Blender, and all of the tuts 'Ive seen so far for poses are for Blender -- urgh.

Nicco's Mother is for XPS, but I have the XnaLara Converter to import .mesh files into 3DS Max, so I did that. All the bones loaded up and everything.


I want to use Dragon Age animations on it, so Nicco's Mother isn't all static posed anymore.


(I whip my tentacles back and forth, I whip my tentacles back and forth!)

[EDIT] I forgot to mention: No, simply importing the Dragon Age .ani files onto the mesh doesn't work. The results are horrifying.


Any tips or advice would be most appreciated.

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