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Re: Scalebound

Postby MisterHentai » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:35 pm

Well at least Kamiya is being humble on Twitter after this shitstorm. He's been well known to lash out his emotions and proficient in the Art of Block, so I guess after a while, we'll see how this turns out. :LOL: :mis:

Still, I wonder if this will sour Platinum to never work with Dumbasssoft ever again or if any other high-profile developer will start to be take notice from now on, especially when it comes to Xbawx exclusives.

It's not the first time this has happened either e.g. True Fantasy Live Online back on the original Xbox. There's a reason why Level-5 has to my recollection never released a game on an Xbox platform!

M$ to Japanese developer relationship history has been a hit and miss and this particular one is definitely going to be one of the significant negatives.

The Western development side isn't safe either when you had the likes of Project Spark, Fable Legends and Phantom Dust being scrapped. All these along with Scalebound that had been given actual TV time and hype for M$ during their E3 press conferences these past few years, now amounts to nothing besides wasted money and resources. Fable Legends itself was practically complete and rumoured to have costed in the high double digit millions. :facepalm:

Whilst M$ still owns the Scalebound name, give it time or a few years if the interest is still there, perhaps Platinum can take what they've made for this game, then rebuild, repackage and release it as something else in the future, and only on other platforms. :mis:

All the material they've officially shown off to me didn't really look that great. Still don't liek the main character, but some of the game's concepts, like the huge epic battles, are still neat ideas and a specialty of Platinum. And if the demo of Nier: Automata was to go by, least that part will carry on. :yes:
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