Hi everybody (pics included)

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Hi everybody (pics included)

Postby fullMETAL » Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:46 pm

Hi all, my name's Adnan (or Adz, for short), and I've been using XNALara/XPS for a while now.
I like to export the models to OBJ so I can rig them (usually the boots) to characters in Daz Studio.

I'm also a professional designer of championship belts, and this is my first design that's actually made it to being made!

Full album here (courtesy of BeltFanDan, the guy I sold the design to, who had the plates made for a fantasy football prize at a mortgage firm; he did the leather himself):

Close-up of the plates!

Also pimpin' out Dan's site, BeltTalk! Visit! Join! Tell 'em fullMETAL sent'cha!

I am a huge fan of pro wrestilng and the majority of my conversions have been of the wrestler models that have been posted.

These are a few renders I've done with boot conversions:

wrestler with SvR 2011 Kane's boots and Chris Jericho's kneepads

wrestler with SvR 2011 Evan Bourne's boots, DoA5 Tina's (or was it Christie's? I forgot which) Sport Knee Supporters, and Tekken 5 Craig Marduk's Championship Belt (retextured)

RPG character with MK9 Sonya Costume 2's boots, with mat zones

SvR 2011 Rob Van Dam's boots, solo render

Lara Croft's "Once More" boots, solo render

Credit for the original XNALara conversions of the boots/people and the Craig Marduk Belt goes to the original converters, though I sadly forget their names at the moment.

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Re: Hi everybody (pics included)

Postby MisterHentai » Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:48 pm

:hi: and welcome!

A wrasslin fan? :o

Get in the main thread in the Off-Topic section NAO!!! :LOL:
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