Hello, another Xnalara lover here....

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Hello, another Xnalara lover here....

Postby lawlaw91 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:24 pm

Good day, I found this site since I am doing Xnalara artworks last few years, but I don't really get into this site as I am busy in deviantart last time...until now... :mrgreen:

I am a half gamer + half 3d modeler and a hobbyist, that whats make me love tiny and light program such as Xnalara....I love those big guy like 3D MAX or Maya too, but it is just too big for me when I just want to do some still image and have to wait for bulky things run up in my pc.... :ohn: :ohn: :ohn:

I am still learning to port/making model specific for Xnalara formats, while I am more to do still images and poses right now, which you guys can request me to do some poses if you need and no time to do it....as a reward for some of you guys take time to extract and port the models.....

Until then.....Good times...!! 8-)

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