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Postby Frakimi » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:37 am

Hi! I'm Francesca, I started using Xnalara on april, or may (I don't remember precisely, sorry).
I'm doing images posing in Xnalara, exporting png in HR and digital painting and retouching.
I'm experimentig posing and even I'm trying to change something on models I found, because I need better models.
A lot of times, I used parts of different models, because the models I found are not so good.
So let me ask a question, if this is the right thread, how can I convert a Blender model to Xnalara one?
I'm not able at all to use Blender, I don't understand a thing, but I can try if someone can give me the right steps to do.
Thank you in advance to who will answer me.

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