Rules for Introductions and Congratulations

Introduce yourself or congratulate a fellow member here!

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Rules for Introductions and Congratulations

Postby Love2Raid » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:32 am

Feel free to create a thread to introduce yourself, to let fellow-members know about something *cool that you have achieved or to congratulate others for their achievements, birthdays etc.
*no: OMG I managed to do a wheelie on my bike today! (that would be more suitable for the off-topic forum) | yes: I graduated from high school!

- no offensive talk
- treat each other respectfully
- don't bring old arguments/drama and grudges from other forums here (everyone deserves a second chance)
- be careful with giving out personal details (address, phone number etc.)
- you can post a picture if you want, but no nude pictures obviously unless you're hawt... just kidding XD
- don't make up things to make yourself more 'interesting'

Have fun! :hug:

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