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Re: Hobbies/Toys/Collectibles

Postby fatslacker » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:33 am


I used to collect Gunpla before. The other scales are interesting to build but I'm only sticking with HGs due to it catering to most series.


I also have LEGO (above minifigs are bootlegs) in my collection. Since I am a Cloud Strife fanboy, I tried customizing one of my spare figs. It's still in development hell though, just look at the lack of decals and the badly sculpted sword (I needed a placeholder).

It's taking toll on my wallet so collecting has to go on a hiatus.

king.neko212 wrote:I showed this a long time ago but im going to show it again cus why not :LOL:
tis my fab collection (old ones tho) now its basically still the same but i changed the shelves and added more stuff obv also change the room color...

Repainting your room must've been a nightmare with all those figures in it. Gah, I remember the time when the handyman showed up and said my mother asked him to repaint the house. I had to move everything, some of the LEGO modules got disassembled in the process (they still stay that way as of posting).

RoxasKennedy wrote:lool ok here u go...

That's a hip collection, if you ask me. I keep tickets in my wallet from all the film festivals I have attended. Then there's this one ticket I keep showing to my friends. It's a 5-hour film I watched without any breaks, so yeah, bragging rights LOL.

I recently joined a book club and since then dem books (and comics) keep piling up in ze room.


Then there's these at McDonald's. I'm not a Mario Kart fan but they look neat. Should I spend my measly salary for plastic addiction? LOL.


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