Ajay Ghale - new injured face WIP [texture edits]

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Ajay Ghale - new injured face WIP [texture edits]

Postby ozzman » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:06 pm

Texture Work in Progress for Ajay Ghale from Far Cry 4. going to be used in a future render but i wanted to add these cuts and the bruise on his eye to his actual textures . make it look more real, and so far i think it looks amazing, going to edit the blood a bit on his nose and eye, and add some more blood stains to his clothing, when it's done i'll upload the model , look for it on my DA page ;D

original model by xHildegardVonKronex
http://xnalara-customized.deviantart.co ... -499731938

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