ALIEN ISO.model colours going berserk. What'm I doing wrong?

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ALIEN ISO.model colours going berserk. What'm I doing wrong?

Postby trexjones » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:39 am

Hi guys! Some of you may know, I've been wracking my brain trying to get models out of Alien Isolation. Thanks to Cra0 and Volfin on Xentax, that's now possible, but because of the shaders and DDS formats in the game being troublesome, the guys fairly abandoned work on tools for the game for other things. Now, the tool does allow for models to be extracted, and with some work and a lot of photoshopping, you can get full colour textures (Ripley, the Alien and a couple of props are up on for the models. However, I'm finding that in spite of (I believe) correctly applying textures and even having a friend much more experienced than myself try one out, the models, when ported to XPS, take on some very unusual colours.

Does anyone here know what's going on and how it can be prevented? The process involves having the models compiled using a script in Blender. I then export the completed models along with their bones out to 3DS MAX (2013) and apply the textures and normals and the like there, then use the XNALARA/XPS export plug in to send the models out to XPS. All the textures are obtained using Ninja Ripper with colours tweaked or added in photoshop. Because of the DDS format of the textures in the game, I need to run the ripped textures through a converter, but as far as I can tell it doesn't actually do anything to the colour of the imagery.

If anyone can help out, I know both I and my friend would be greatly appreciative!

Here's how the models look in Max, and then together in XPS with the weird tints...


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Re: ALIEN ISO.model colours going berserk. What'm I doing wr

Postby Dazzy » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:47 am

Pretty sure those are vertex colours. I know how to remove them in Blender if you were to use that, but I'm not sure if you do. 3DS Max may have an option to delete them, but you would have to look up that :P
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