Meshmodding - Parts Keep Resizing Themselves?

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Meshmodding - Parts Keep Resizing Themselves?

Postby KaodAdventus » Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:11 pm

Hello hello, new member.

I recently got into meshmodding, though I seem to be failing endlessly at it.
I have successfully "created" a model (it's really just a semi-nude model with another model's head attached) and adjusted the textures and all was working out well...

...But the parts keep resizing. I load up the model, it's exactly how I saved it, all the individual parts I had to resize (the legs, arms and fingers because they were ridiculously long and unnatural) are the size I changed them to... But as soon as I click on a slider to rotate that body part, it instantly jumps back up to the size the original unedited model has. What I mean is, the arm is shorter/smaller, but as soon as I click a slider to rotate the arm (not move, not scale... rotate), it switches back to the original size.

This happens no matter what I do. The model has been correctly saved, the armature and resizing has been saved, but whenever I reload the new model from its new folder, the parts resize themselves once I start posing the model. Any idea why, and what to do about it? I want to make this model available for others to use because it's been a popular request that no one has fulfilled... but I'm not going to be able to do that if the seminude portion of the model is twice the size of the head because it won't stay the size I rescaled it to. :|


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