Help on Blender about sfm2xps bones

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Re: Help on Blender about sfm2xps bones

Postby navie » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:29 pm

Ems wrote:If you plan to use the model only in XPS, you can pose it so that it faces the camera properly then export via Modify>Save Generic_Item with the "modify armature according to the current pose" option checked.
All the poses you've done so far for this model will be probably useless, though you can modify them by hand (.pose files can be edited in text editors) to swap some letters and numbers, I never bothered with that though.

A tip, you can rotate models in Blender pre-export, then select all (A) > ctrl+a > "Location" to save the position.

Importing the model back from XPS to Blender (in case you'd need to do that someday) should not break your materials, unless you start to mess with mesh names. Any lack of a parameter in a mesh header (that is ignored by the Blender exporter btw) will cause an error while importing to XPS and you might need to use the material editor in XPS again. Ah, and total lack of specified render group will cause invisible meshes in XPS, too. Just FYI.

Thank you kindly. All of you. It's been great help!!!


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