Separating Meshes in Blender (soul calibur)

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Separating Meshes in Blender (soul calibur)

Postby WuHT » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:44 pm

During my journal to port models I've encountered an issue with textures (specifically the lip): This is the only error I've encountered so far for this model.
1st imgur image the lips appear to be partially distorted texture of the face.
I'm aware that some soul calibur models have a transparent "lipshine" and therefore
I suspect its the lipshine mesh partially super imposed, but the lipshine mesh is displaying the "face" texture rather then the "lipshine" texture).

In blender it looks like the 2nd and 3rd picture the lip area of the mesh appears more saturated orange (maybe there is 2 layers of mesh?) and there is a red seam (no idea what that is so I left it there)
I can't quite select the proper meshes to try to isolate the problem area. (I've tried hitting L and it selects the entire head).

Basically, my issue is: Is there an easier way to separate materials and secondly, is there a straightforward way to wrap the texture file to the face material (assuming the lip part is stuck, I can sacrifice the lipshine) since the face mesh is 90% correct except the lips anyways.

steps i took (or to replicate):
Opened the .nmd file with Noesis 4.28
Included the 0.9.4 xps plugin viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1139&hilit=noesis&start=20
Export to a mesh.ascii
Opened in Blender (scaled up 100x)
I preferred mesh.ascii to SMD format because it was easier to pull apart the materials. You can just find the one material for the face (it'll be connected to random bits of the skirt/monster arm/dress, but thats not important).
Once the materials were separated, I exported as a .xps
Opened the .xps with XPS (11.8) and then used the Ctrl-T material editor to apply materials.
I was going to rename the bones but wanted to try to solve this lips issue first.

I suspect the issue is going from Noesis to mesh.ascii since previewing the .nmd in noesis displays the lips as a separate texture (despite being the wrong texture at least it is not distorted).
I have a zip file if you are interested in taking a look : ... mega+1p.7z

Can anyone point me in the right direction to correct this? My plans if I cannot solve this is to steal another Pyrrha's head (since the regular pyrrha is so simliar) and mesh-mod graft it over plus re-texture.

bonus question:
How did iheartibuki get the light reflection (not enviro reflection) in the eyes (the pyrrha on the right, in the 1st imgur image) ?
The Lost Swords pyrrha model has that white circle above the pupil/iris (which moves as you move the camera).

I noticed in the material editor, if i change the specular file(4th image in the imgur link , that it would go away.
I tried using his spec file and I could not replicate the results.
I appreciate all help provided

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