Blender - Re-adding deleted materials to model

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Blender - Re-adding deleted materials to model

Postby WuHT » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:36 pm

I have a completed model (materials properly sepearated, texture applied, skeleton named and parented correctly) and was about to start coloring the textures.

I noticed that some textures were not used and it turned out they were meant to be applied to materials that I deleted (thinking they were duplicate materials). In my particular case it was a molten fire effect on the surface of Nightmare's monster claw.

Luckily I saved my progress in an earlier XPS so I was about to recover a prior .xps file that didnt have the proper rigging but at least the deleted materials are there.

My question is: How do i take certain materials from 1 model and join them to another model (both models are of the same "armature") in Blender?
I could not just duplicate his shoulder and apply a transparent texture (because the shoulder material and the fire material are actually differently shaped).

I tried opening the prior .xps and deleting all materials and armature except for the fire effect. Next i imported the 99% completed Xps and group boxed and saved as a new.xps. In XPS the fire effect doesn't move with the monster claw, so I suspect I may need to keep parts of the original armature.

Clarification would be appreciated.

I learned my lesson to never delete anything until i'm 100% done.
I appreciate all help provided

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