Surface Texture distorted [Blender Related]

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Surface Texture distorted [Blender Related]

Postby WuHT » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:27 am

I got 2 questions:

Question 1:
I have a model almost complete and the hair texture is not displaying properly at only certain areas. I wish I could describe it better (so I could attempt to google it myself and try to fix it).
Certain "faces" of the mesh do not appear properly as shown in the 1st image of the imgur link. The Leixia on the right looks a bit better (but it does have some bugs with the hair texture in the back of her head) and it shows me that there can be a solution so I don't give up (unlike Pyrrha Omega's lips that I posted earlier with no solution).
I've tried the rotate-UV option in Blender and that wouldn't fix it, and flipping the normals don't do the trick either.
I've played around with XPS's smooth-entire-model option and this may have had an effect.

The 2nd imgur image shows how it appears in Blender and I also attach a mediafire link if anyone wants to take a look-see. ... +2pCAS.rar
The xps.xps file is the one with the more obvious errors (the leixia on the left) and the generic_item.mesh is the leixia on the right.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Question 2: (his yellow scarf)
Can anyone explain to me why back face culling leads to such a strange effect of transparency. My experience with back face culling is that more like the bottom left of each picture (where the hip-cape is darker and like the underside) rather than having random triangular faces being missing.

I also attach a mediafire link if anyone wants to play around. ... +2pCAS.rar
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I appreciate all help provided

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Re: Surface Texture distorted

Postby WuHT » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:53 pm

I've attached another 2 images showing

1) First image shows the seams in the mesh per the noesis export. I'm 99% sure the red border seams are one of the reasons that there is a problem

2) The 2nd image was my first attempt to UV unwrap and all the triangles (in the UV editor) appear to be randomly spread out.
I note that hitting U, UV-unwrap immediately distorts the texture in the 3d viewport.

3) The UV-unwrap in the uv-editor is slightly more managable. There is an unexplained gap in the vertex faces and I wish to "weld" it together
I've painted on some red arrows to show how I wish to move the edges together.

My question:

A) Is there a way to UV-unwrap without further distortion in the first p lace
b) Is there a way to snap/lock the edges/vertices across the gap so that they will be transformed together ? Edit-Vertices-Merge Vertices does nothing in the UV editor for me, and I suspect it shouldn't.
c) Hitting O for proportional editing allows me to move it as an entire solid unit, so I just need to be able to connect certain vertices/edges together. Is this possible ? Am i supposed to use remove duplicates, and then proportionally warp the vertex mesh super imposed over the texture until satisfied? That seems like my step.
I appreciate all help provided

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