SFM to XPS - 3DS Max issues

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SFM to XPS - 3DS Max issues

Postby GTAlpha » Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:21 am

Uhh... Hi.

I'll be brief. I already did some conversions from Garry's Mod to XNALara (mostly weapons and props), and they came out pretty well.

For a while I wanted to convert an SFM model of Gran (from Granblue Fantasy Versus) and, apart from the fact that the model is separated in body and head, I did. I opened the .mdl file on Noesis, converted it, and then went to 3DS Max to make the mesh... Unfortunately, the model, when imported in 3DS Max, it comes like this:


An unholy, jumbled up mess.

Any help?

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