Witcher 3 models / Moogleoutfitters? Did something happen?

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Witcher 3 models / Moogleoutfitters? Did something happen?

Postby tnico » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:31 am

Hello! I'm not actually a big user of xnalara, but I am an artist of the sit-down-and-draw kind, so when I saw the tool I was quite pleased at the possibility of getting a good reference on the more difficult angles.

I'm having some fun making silly things with the Witcher series right now, and thought I'd gather the Witcher 3 models to reference, because that's a lot of craggy dudes with a lot of angles. (Lambert, especially. If ANYONE has a Moogleoutfitters model, please send it to me, please his face is confounding)

I've been able to find some re-uploads of mostly minor characters that work quite well, but it seems like all the main witchers are just gone. When trying to track through and find mirrors and re-uploads, it seems like something happened? I know a user called Moogleoutfitters made a lot of models, and then deleted their account, and I saw some discussion from a few years ago that alluded to some sort of copyright/commission pricing thing involving the Witcher 3, and that possibly they're related? But it's hard to piece together from just forensics.

Is there a reason why the Witcher 3 models were taken down/hard to find? Was it linked to the deletion?

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Re: Witcher 3 models / Moogleoutfitters? Did something happe

Postby XNAaraL » Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:27 am

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